Thank you for your service

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my Fulton Huntsman umbrella for well over a decade’s service. Unfortunately now retired after succumbing to the elements.

You have been replaced but will never be forgotten.


how did it succumb?

In fairness, Fulton make really good umbrellas. 1 umbrella flap = 1 respect


I have a pair of boxers that’re at least 15 years old, now that’s service. Fruit of the loom, red plaid if you must know.


Probably a bit shit as an umbrella though

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Shank you for your thermos

I’ve never had an umbrella longer than like a week.

I involuntarily provide a service that carries umbrellas places, then leaves them there indefinitely.

If you take an umbrella to the pub it is now the pub’s umbrella, that is the rule.


Yeah,they’re really good, particularly living here in South Wales where it rains A LOT combined with strong winds, too. I was a bit sceptical about the cost originally, but given a cheap umbrella will last about a fortnight here before being destroyed by the wind, they’re well worth it. Only had to replace mine after leaving the old one on a train.

Think tennis players should say this after every point. Set a good example.

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Well it succumbed after my wife had been using it but I don’t really want to apportion blame (definitely her). One of the arms was snapped. I put it back in place and then tested the mechanism and it tore through the canopy.

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Suck cum

just noticed that


oh yeah

I have replaced with the same umbrella. Not used it yet though.


Have you learned nothing?

Yeah, that suck cum thing


I’ve had two Fultons umbrellas over the years and I’ve managed to lose both of them. Really good umbrellas though

Weird. I literally also just noticed and was about to post the same.

Glad I didn’t because then I’d look crass and rude.

Where are the fragile masculinity won’t use an umbrella crew?

Tell you what, a lot less people use umbrellas in NL. I think it’s because they’re all cycling so much, so it’s more common to be dressed in full condom waterproofs on the regular

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