Thank you London



We haven’t had a London thread for a while. What are you thankful to London for/about?

My brain doesn’t even register when people pronounce ‘ask’ as ‘arks’ any more, thank you London!


going there on friday



Except on Saturday.

Thanks for the (anticipated) memories, London.




lad in this office just express his wonder and amazement that he could pay with a card at a burger van

thank you, london


You pricks should be saying you are going to Surrey. That’s the real quiz.


coming up in a month for some Mos Def thing.

probably set up a dis jazz meet. few friday evening drinks. might turn up this time, as well. especially if my main man @Antpocalypsenow shows his child-like face




Lots of goodish parks to doss about in
Thank you London


last time I was there I got shouted at by some guy as I dared to brush his leg with my bag on the tube. apologied, he went on for a bit, so told him to shut the fuck up

london. HORRIBLE!


Was thinking of going to that Mos Def thing in fairness pal (although he was shite the last time I saw him (same venue, same time last year))


They’ve got abokado there. That’s good.


thank you London for rare book shop internet guy being an actual job that exists


I don’t know anything about it, tbh man. one of my dogs works with another dog who has secured tickets…vip tickets, too…whatever that means it is the second weekend or something. first one sold out.


Dude was supposed to be doing Black on Both Sides in full last year, didn’t come on till midnight and didn’t play Black on Both Sides in full. Was pretty miffed about it in all honesty.


Get a Facebook Messenger group going for it maaaaaan.


I’ll like this in 25 minutes

edit: that was to jiz


Depressingly little, but at the same time I like London? It’s simultaneously shit and great at once. It’s weird.


this must have been incredibly disappointing. assume he didn’t play the whole of The Ecstatic instead? cos that would be fucking RAD!


Would have preferred that to Black on Both Sides in all honesty mate but no, he didn’t do that. He kind of just wandered about on stage, spent about 15 minutes trying to reattach some fabric to his DJ’s decks table thing and started the odd track here and there. Didn’t stay till the end.