Thanks Flashinglight! (Now the Wednesday evening thread, I hope)

WTF HAVE I DONE TO MY KEYBOARD and how do I make it stop?

Theo is probably in bed right now :sob:

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I tried to sort it out myself but honestly just typing in this fujucng keyboard is MAKING ME RAGE

It looks normal to me

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Chuck it in a canal


Is it supposed to be SwiftKey

What’s the problem here


Honestly m4s, so so enraged she won’t even let me take a look at it.

Is it the inspector gadget logo that you’ve got there?

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Bowl of rice

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Had a train beer, going for a sneaky pint in the pub. Feta bake with toms and breadcrumbs for tea. Listening to Nick Cave

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today I got stoned and used binoculars for the first time. They are amazing! I was looking at this little plane as it was in the sky and I could read the mother fucking writing on it! On a plane!


I was trying to be independent and work it out myself

really think just looking at stuff through binoculars would be a great wholesome hobby

(then I gave up, obviously)

I mean, i can still look at it for you, but I’m going to have to charge a call out fee now

Evening thread yeah?

Just chilling in the Cairngorms having scallops and haggis



NO! I’ve got to learn to do this stuff myself

… By asking people on the Internet.

Alright Marckee

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Still not sure what’s meant to be wrong with that keyboard

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