Thanks Flashinglight! (Now the Wednesday evening thread, I hope)

It’s annoying

Aye but

Done with work in the field, dumb conference call in an hour. Going to crack a beer prior to it however so it won’t be too bad. Just hope they don’t want me travelling anywhere at the moment.

Currently listening to : Smog ‘Red Apple Falls’

what’s actually wrong with it

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Is it the colour?

And the pic in the middle! I’m already crap snifh at hiring the right keys

Spent a lot of this afternoon listening to bands from the ArcTanGent line up. I’m going ro see a lot of things I enjoy, but it’s remarkable how many of them play almost exactly the same riffs. Might just sit down listening to them and go dance to the silent disco imo.


Left: Koit - Pohjala/Other Half 8.5%
Right: Cali Power Smoothie - Siren/Humble Sea 7.2%


Did you always use SwiftKey or do you usually use the inherent keyboard?


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Sob only trying to help :sob:

The hat and glasses? You’re in incognito.

@kermitwormit when I was stopped at some traffic lights earlier there was a man stood waiting to cross the road who looked exactly like Gregg Wallace in some green shorts and a red polo neck with the collar up and I thought “I bet kermit would get a right wide-on from seeing him” and I hate you for that


I’m not though!!! I don’t eve have any ingpnjito tabhs

Is that the Mongolian throat singer that did those Sunn o))) collaborations


Incognito mode on the keyboard, apologies if over doing instructions:
Press the ‘+’ top left of keyboard

Then cog for settings

Then there is an option for turning on/off keyboard incognito. I guess it means you can type without it going towards your predictions or something?

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:wave: I’m in your neck of the woods next week

I made some food but added a load of ingredients but forgot to scale up the amount of spices/herbs so it was quite bland, but I also forgot how hot one of the kinds of chilis I was using was and added way to much so it ended up being bland and way too hot

feel like this story should go on a lot longer, it could be thrilling at double the length

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