Thanks for liking - you only have a few more likes left for today


or something like that. bit weird, having to use your likes sparingly?


It’s because you’re low level.

I have unlimited likes I think.


story of my life maaaaaaan

how to I bump myself up to the promised land?


There are ways:


How many do regular plebs get? What happens when we run out? Is it £4.99 for ten more?

Let’s find out! Everyone in this thread gets a free like!

Edit: Oh you can’t like yourself that’s some bullshit huh


seemed to have picked up my like giving skillz again. weird


I keep running out of likes as well. Really weird to limit them?





what’s the script then with ‘likes’ i’ve been told i only have a few left for today, and i think i’ve maybe liked about 15/20 posts. So how many do you get, and what constitutes a day?!


Like the film


More likes!


Ran out AGAIN :angry: