Thanksgiving Thurs Eve

Bit early, Gromit?

Well I’m settling in for a long haul as I’m such a bloody ruddy good comrade I’m covering the US shift in work so they can go and give thanks with potatoes and gravy. This does mean that I’m up and online til 2. Got some Guinnesses in for the ride. Keep me company.

Wuu2 huns, what’s for dinner?


Oh also met up with auld ma ruffs for her birthday, and spotted a rare @anon34135029 in the wild whilst on a stroll. How exciting!


In fairness the park is my natural habitat. HB Ma Ruffs!


Drink and films for me tonight.

Been productive around the house today so gonna do fuck all tonight. Hot dogs for tea and the Taylor Swift film is as much as is happening here.

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what do you get? would kill for a patty rn

We were going to have the Linda Macs pulled “pork” burgers for dinner but turns out we already ate them earlier in the week. Evening ruined.

They’re simultaneously suspicious and very peng.

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Got to put the bin out ffs it never ends.

Just leave it out. Fuck it. It’s not the boss of you.

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No but the cabal of retired ladies that run the resident’s association are pretty terrifying.

I would like to bash my laptop into a fine dust. Unfortunately I am too feeble.

Recording a podcast episode today but I really cannot be fucked

Happy thanksgiving @NeilYoung, @xcheopis and other Americans


Just had early dinner with the kiddo. 2 curries (some chicken thing and a green lentil dahl). Giving kiddo bathtime in a minute then do her bedtime. Got an autumn fruit pie for later maybe. At work for 4.30 tomorrow morning, so vegging out in front of the TV before early bed. Happy Thanksgiving to our American dissers


It’s been a bad year for my housemate and myself, so I spent my food budget on lots of pre-cooked Thanksgiving food and am moping about, fighting with dvd converters and playing PrettyGoodSol.


pizza? pizza.


Hey hey. Had a fine old day at work, now making some sausage rolls and wedges with peas

Yoga, bit of telly and sleep.

Lot to be thankful for despite everything isn’t there. DiSers mainly, such a gbol always here when you need them


Beer, a nap AND pizza? Dr Tuna knows how to celebrate! :partying_face:



How many Coors light is @NeilYoung gonna sink?

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