Thanksgiving Thurs Eve


Been in work today. Soooo it’s wine time and burrata.

got an ulcer in my mouth and the only thing I can eat is mentos
Also a guy was supposed to come and fix my wifi today but they didn’t save my appointment in the system so they never came :rage::rage::rage: and the next time they can come is next Thursday :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Takeaway thursday. What shall we get?

  • Balti king
  • Pizza town
  • Ely spice
  • Millennium pizza
  • Ely King
  • Eat Thai
  • Siam Seasons
  • Pizza Hut
  • Indian Garden
  • Sutton Tandoori
  • Lucky Panda
  • Alan fish bar

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You’re not going to say no to a lucky panda. It’s a lucky panda!


It also happens to be

  1. new
  2. very nearby
  3. chicken balls

if it has balls it’s a rooster


Getting the Christmas plates out because why the fuck not.


Munched an Indian. Bairn fell asleep on way back from his grandparents. He has since wakened but was a bit zoomed and has now fallen asleep in a daft position on my lap. His dinner is also getting cold in kitchen. I’m gonna need to move at some point and disturb him. Dunno whether to just wake him and deal with the half hour freak out or see if we can transfer him to bed and risk him waking far too early.

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Evening all!

I made a tortellini soup from an adapted James Martin recipe. It was really good. We’ve been enjoying The Child playing with her soupcase since she returned from nursery.


I like to think pizza town looked at pizza hut and decided it was too small time

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Might go to bed actually


My bedtime is getting earlier and earlier. Well into it.


10pm is a late one for me these days.

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Fucking hell this is a bit good.

Only a mild freak out. Has munched his nuggets and he’s now getting primed for bath time. Then I’ll try to do some work while I watch some footy.


If tonight is anything like today I’ll mainly be arguing with covidiots on the internet, who don’t understand viral spread, statistics, the difference between causation and correlation, or some combination there of. Or perhaps I shouldn’t for the sake of my blood pressure.

Do you think they knew in the 80s how great skeletor was?

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Just don’t do it Rob. It’s not worth it maaaaan


Wish I’d kept my skelotor

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Hey everyone

I’m making salami and fennel pasta and listening to talking heads. Beers going down a little too easy