Thanksgiving Thursday Thread

Lets go!

work then pub then dirty pizza place for me :yum:



Just the one job interview for me today.

Then spending the afternoon fixing my PC instead of doing any work. Standard.

good luck with the job interview! hope with a few under your belt you’re feeling a bit better about them


Just nearly choked to death on my cocopops and have been sick because of it.

Great start to the day

Had an amazing time last night. My first night out since Feb 2020!

Feel like I’ve been hit by a 10000 ton truck today tho


Imagine the eulogy though.


Died doing what he loved most sat in his pants watching Seinfeld and eating


I’ve been drooling over this pizza place on instagram for ages now. Doggy bag of leftovers welcome :yum:

Have you had a sandwich from Mira yet?@matt_was_taken They’re high on my list of utter filth foods, and that Tony’s lasagne slab place.

Meant to be off to see Petite Maman today, got my ticket booked, but will have to give it a miss to do some freelance work :sob:


not yet :unamused: they’re both on my list too! just never been in town at the right time for Mira and Tonys has eluded me so far. one day though!

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Morning all!

Have to go in to work later this morn for a ‘Keep in touch’ day. Going to swing by the walk-in vaccination centre on the way and try and get a booster jab.

Gonna have one of these for lunch, seeing as we’re discussing dirty sandwiches.


I’m incredibly tired. Turns out that work nightshifts and not sleeping properly in between catches up with you. Weird day in store. Nursery drop, work at 11.30, nursery pick up at 3.45, back to work until 8, home.

not even sure what i’m looking at on the right here but why i do know is that i want it for my breakfast. :slight_smile:


Moving day



Got my work Xmas lunch this afternoon (having a burger cos you had to book ages in advance and that’s impossible, big regret I didn’t at least order a starter as well). Not looking forward to it, don’t really have anyone I click with particularly coming and loads of people I don’t even know

My son and daughter are coming for dinner anyway - which should incentivise me to avoid too much afternoon drinking

Just a random alley in King’s Lynn. It’s such a remarkable town


oof. When is your next day off (from work, obv there’s no such thing as a parenting day off)?

also @Matt_was_taken how is Oscar doing these days? This is absolutely a thinly veiled request for at least one photo.

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Today is my Friday.

Cycled to the office, first time ever. Cycle lanes are very busy at rush hour.

Come in so I get some stuff done, let’s see how that pans out.

Current mood:


ooft thats harsh man.

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