Thanksgiving Thursday

Wfh, sorting last few bits before my holiday. Some sport this evening. Hbu?

Morning mwt,

I have not slept enough. Going to be very late for preschool dropoff. Glad I fitted R for his ‘nursery rhyme week’ dress up last night so I don’t have to faff with that this morning.

Had more stress dreams about work and have another fairly horrible day ahead.

Nothing to report.

Looks frosty as fuck outside. Not gonna have to train it in am I??

What’s the nursery rhyme outfit he’s going as?

It’s still -2 outside. After a long day yesterday I could quite happily stay in bed.

He's the 'baker man' from pat-a-cake





When are you going?

For what it’s worth I think that winter might be the best time to visit New York. Just wear a shitload of layers.

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That wind :grimacing:

Trying to dissuade my father in law from coming over. I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but he seems to have adopted my house as his own. He was here virtually every day during the summer, working in the garden - planting stuff that I hadn’t asked for and didn’t want. He’s now decided that the upstairs needs redecorating (it does not) :grimacing:

Sorry for the rant.

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Oh god, almost started crying at the Elton John John Lewis advert. Ugghhhhhh :laughing:

This feels like a zombie movie where the zombies have got “one of us” and we’re trying to pull her free of their flesh-eating grasp.


So excited for you coming to Vietnam. Tell me your itinerary again? Also, get yourself a money belt if you can, someone had their phone snatched out of their hand yesterday :open_mouth:.

Aww he’s probably really bored and needs a project. Can you manage the situation by giving him tasks that you do want done or suggesting activities or part time jobs for him?

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Yeah seconding this. How is he at tiling? You can send him my way.


oooft that’s a shame. have read bag snatching from scooters etc was all the rage :frowning:

Its roughly -

Halong Bay
Ninh Binh
phong Nha KeBang
Hoi An
Ho Chi Minh

With a few more trips and stuff thrown in :smiley:

You’re right of course. That’s why I’m complaining on the internet rather than in person. I’m going to have to think of a way to approach this sensitively or, if all else fails, send him to @Epimer’s


Ninh Bình and Phonh Nha Kebang look beautiful. We went to the Cu Chi tunnels this morning which was a bit :grimacing: