Right then, who’s making Pepsi Chicken or whatever it is you dweebs with American Spouses get up to?


I’m doing a Dr Pepper quorn fillet


mountain dew falafel for me


Yams! Pumpkin pie! Other shit things!


Going here to eat this:


Fuck off America

:fire: :us:


Death to the (more) West (than us)!


not a thing


Has anyone ever had that marshmallow sweet potato pie thing?


So passé, we had ours six weeks ago. :maple_leaf:




The problem with american food is it always gives me a terrible case of the grits.

Please rate this joke out of 10


Yeah. It’s obviously weird, but more palatable than you’d imagine.


no thank you



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No, I thought it would probably taste okay. Though, I can’t help imagining it’s just a great big mashed up sweet potato in a pastry crust with lots of wet marshmallow slopped on. There’s more to it than that… right? :tired_face:


this place looks nice (please report back on the sweet potato mousse)



i am in literal america and will be attending three separate thanksgiving dinners. we are making a sweet potato and kale wellington to bring to the one on the actual day,