i would eat some pumpkin pie if the opportunity presented itself

yeah it’s disgusting

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I work for an American company

there may be some rubbish pseudo thanksgiving dinner available in the canteen tomorrow. I may eat it

Think British twats pretending to celebrate this should at least have the decency to celebrate our own historic attempts at ethnic cleansing tbh

I’ve had pumpkin pie - can’t remember when/ why.

It’s OK - a bit heavy, Not sure I would seek it out

This is the kind of sick filth the government need to censor.

Some very harsh marking from people here.

I’m giving this, admittedly shit, joke a 3 because I’m nice.

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Mate, I went to fireworks night, I love a good Catholic purge.

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I think people who do pretend thanksgivings should be forced to celebrate the Boer War

they’re called Scouts I think


Haven’t seen that since I was a kid. Ninety percent of that went over my head at the time.

We had a Thanksgiving lunch today.


Roast Turkey Breast Slices with Gravy
Classic Thanksgiving Fish and Potato Pie
Festive Pumpkin and Mushroom Wellington (v)


Roast Potatoes
Braised Red Cabbage
Sage, Onion and Cranberry Stuffing


Spiced Apple and Mincemeat Crumble with Custard

I did not attend

:joy: Erics going to marry a carrot

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i’ve got some pumpkin puree in the cupboard, might make pumpkin pie?

looks nice man
is there a parade happening?

Tomorrow evening I’m going to be in the Sky Sports studio watching all of the NFL because I won a little competition at work and at first it sounded like fun but now my brother is trying to bail on me so sitting in a TV studio all night without knowing anyone else might actually be a bit shit.

Where’s that? Massachusetts?

near St Paul, MN

bonus pic of dog watching for squirrels

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