Tharrrrsday Thread 🐳



How are you all today? Who’s still in work and who is sitting semi-comatose in their relatives’ living room with a belly full of Quality Street.

I’m in the “still in work” camp, but it’s not all bad. I spotted thewarn, resplendent in his neopolitan technical jacket, striding up the stairs of the footbridge at Cambridge station.

Oh, and a little quiz for you to start the morning. Which DiSer turned up in my dream last night?

  • Epimer
  • Aggpass
  • Slicky
  • Lo-Pan
  • Kallgeese
  • Penoid

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This week has been really boring so far, because we put so much effort into preparing everything for Xmas there’s pretty much no work to be done now it’s actually here.


I strode pretty, pretty fast this morning.


Off to Nandos at one so going into work late so I’m not sat around getting hungry for too long


im gonna go with epimer, because he turned up in my dream last night :sweat:.
not the epimer we know and love… but my workmate turned out to be the username known as epimer. how odd.

im working diligently from home today


Here is a little treat for everyone, I have gigantisized the Whale from the title


WORK. It’s very quiet. I have things to do, but… can’t be arsed. Think I will have breakfast 2 soon. And then a coffee. And then think about work. Maybe.


Off to the market to buy all the cheese.

Hope it’s Mr but I voted Kallgeese as he is pretty dreamy.


I too dreamed about a DiSer, and I’ve woken up with a pain in my groin. Coincidence?

Merry pringles, everyone.


Which DiSer was it? It may be no coincidence!


not one that was mentioned in your poll


In work, I’ve really cleared desk of some projects and other stuff I’m just kicking to the new year now so got a pretty chilled couple of days. got to bollock someone I manage though which won’t be fun later on.




You did! And weaved in and out of fellow commuters. I’m a bit miffed that the exit by platform 5/6 is currently closed, as it was shaving a couple of minutes off my overall journey time.


Yeah, that was quite a nice way out option, wasn’t it?

Can’t wait until both paths on station road are open again.


was it a full moon last night or something… loads od dier dreaming going on. or maybe its the cheese consumption…


At work, not actually doing work.


I’m quite enjoying the daily exchanges between irate bus drivers and confused mothers of uni students (parked on the corner, unloading their sons’ rucksacks and obstructing the carriageway). They need raising bollards!



Had to photocopy a load of stuff this morning, wish that was my job. The noise of the machine is so relaxing.