That Adrianne Lenker LP



It’s a beauty

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you’re not wrong, pal.

perhaps my favourite. although I’m only just on my first listen, and the closer ‘10 miles’ is a woozy wonder and all.

Yeah, that’s the song of the year.

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it’s the refrain, isn’t it. her voice, those lines. the way it balances between come on and warning.

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Really not grabbed in the same way as the Big Thief albums. Need to give it more time though.

This was my opinion at first, but it’s opened up in a big way recently

I prefer it to big thief! So good!

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I love that small twist in Symbol at the 1:58 mark, it comes out of nowhere and is brilliant. You could base a whole song around that small bit and where it could go, and she only uses it for a couple seconds. It always leaves me wanting more, in a good way.

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I do like it a lot and I am a big fan of all her stuff

I much prefer her previous solo albums though. Just a bit rawer and really show off her voice

Absolutely gorgeous - I’m pushing it on everyone I can!

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This album is making me feel more okay that the new SVE single is so horrible. Thank you, this album.

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It’s a wonderful thing.

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This has grown to be a real favourite since its release. My first listen I thought it was good but passed me by slightly, second listen though and I was hooked. Womb and out of your mind are two favourites but my highlight is blue and red horses, that melody gets me every time

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Certainly a grower and maybe depends on your mood when listening.

Heard it on my commutes to and from work; thought it was average.

Heard it today walking in the sun to my parents house for lunch. Nice relaxing walk. Thought it was brilliant.

Symbol starts out like a folksy Everything In Its Right Place, doesn’t it? Fortunately it becomes its own beautiful beast halfway through. Lovely.