That annoying crackling sound on Spotify


Is anyone else getting that really annoying crackling/static sound whenever you play a track on Spotify?

Started happening to me recently. Usually occurs in the first few seconds of every track, then stops. Only happens on my laptop, works fine on mobile.

Is there a way to get rid of it, or do I just have too many playlists?


Possible sound card/driver issue maybe?

I once had something like it on itunes (when i still used it) and what I did was right click the speaker: Open Volume Mixer, click on the speaker or whatever, go to advanced and changed the sample rate on the default format. That worked with some playing around.


they’re recreating the sound of warm vinylss


yeah you just need to turn down the “annoying crackling sound” setting:


Tried it for all the sample rates, still crackles.

Think it might be an issue with the last update. It was fine up until a week ago.

I might just download an older version of Spotify from filehorse tbh.


Is it just a problem on spotify?




Just reinstall it maybe?


Didn’t work but I think I’ve found the issue.

The crackling only seems to happen on ‘High quality streaming’ mode. I’ve turned it off and so far it’s not crackling.

More concerned about the Spotify on mobile now. After an update it’s un-downloaded all my playlists, now I have to re-download everything and it says I’m out of storage space. What the actual… I assumed the 3000-track download storage space was just a given with the app, not phone storage (I suck at technology).

I guess tomorrow’s bus to work will be boring then.


actually it’s alright now, although I’m gonna be up all night resurrecting my playlist downloads.


Oh it’s come back. Never mind.




Fucking did me, this.


I had this yesterday… and the tracks were playing at wrong speed too. All very odd. Restarted the app and all was well again.