That apple thing on twitter

Mostly visualise the most recent or most prominent example my memory has of a thing. So picturing the specific apples I saw earlier and their position in the fridge. Or with the someone crossing a road example I’m picturing the crossing I use most, complete with some auditory detail of the demolition work going on beside it last time I was there.



I’m allergic to apples, you think I’m going around thinking about images of something small and common with the power to kill me? I don’t need that energy in my life, so I reckon I’m number 5.

Do not trust people responding #1 to this.

Your default go-to visualisation for an apple is red in colour?




I visualise apples as green


Usually a Golden Delicious or a Granny Smith

They don’t add much in the way of flavour.

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Solid 5 for me, Clives.

And if you think that’s wild, ask me to visualise or even describe the facial features of my loved ones. Can’t do it.

I’m a 5 and the missus is a 1.
We’ve talked about this loads and she can never understand how I can’t see anything in my head at all

Most things my visual memory and visualisation is really good, faces though I am complete rubbish at, I usually get by recognising other things I have noticed about people to know who they are.

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Apples are fucking shit

Yup. When I think of an apple it’s a really waxy and very sharp granny Smith, even though I haven’t had one of those for ages

Tell me to fuck off if this is too personal

Are you able to recognise your loved ones if you meet them somewhere out of context?

FUCK Oyes but if they’ve got new glasses, had a haircut and are wearing a new coat then it’s going to be borderline.


Well that does sound like they are trying to deliberately disguise themselves


Me too, like the word “pure” and I get a vivid image of golden syrup dripping off a spoon. Possibly golden syrup has the word pure on the tin but yeah that.

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bollocks is it

The closest I can get is almost imagining the word “apple”