That big expandable Bowie video at the top of the site is doing my head in

Didn’t like Bowie enough as it is, actively loathe him now.

Sort it out please Theo.

I’m not getting any adverts. Haven’t had any on newDiS for a while either :blush:

Aye, I wasn’t for absolutely ages and now this.

That’s a ghost, Ant.

This is a good reference to your “That’s a ghost, Ant.” post yesterday. Very good community.drownedinsound.coming, friend.


State of the old site though


I’m really hoping I can make this a thing!! But of course that will depend on your posts.

I’ll try to get another Quinn and Phillips type of deal going with this for you

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Love how the old boards still have adverts on. That sweet sweet archive dollar.

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don’t see it

This is still on the first page of Google if you search for fish puns:

Come for the puns, stay for the insurance.