That Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland was good

Watched the first episode last night

My mum and dad used to watch his videos all the time and it’s the only time I saw my dad cry laughing do I have a nostalgic soft spot for him.

Will check this out. I read his autobiography years ago and it all seemed bleak as hell.

His neighbour is/was Tom Hanks. Imagine that.

What was bleak like when he worked at the shipyard and that?

Want he abused my his aunties, and just general hardship and alcoholism. Not read it for over 15 years so I may well have filled in the gaps.

aye he was sexually abused by his father and physically by his aunt

on a lighter note i thought the programme was brilliant, i feel privileged to have seen him live, he’s a truly exceptional talent


I really like his drawings.

Just watched the second part there, a right few years in my eyes at points.
Great programme though and he’s got such a great outlook.
I absolutely fucking love the big yin.

I fucking love the bloke. The spark’s still there. When i read Michael Parkinson’s comments i feared the worst, but he’s still sharp and quick-witted. I know the illness isn’t nice, but he just came across as a bloke in his late seventies to me, slowing down but still all there. People shouldn’t judge him by the bombast of twenty or thirty years ago, that’s not fair.

There were a couple of moments that got me. The quiet banter with his pal in the art gallery, and just him sitting on his own in the Glasgow pub singing.

What a bloody life, eh. Absolute giant. I’m not really a fan of talking heads-style things, or that fella contributing, Channel 4 guy wotsisname, but the Muhamad Ali of alternative comedy, indeed.


that’s my only criticism of it really, their choice of talking head guests was fucking absymal, when you could’ve had the likes of John Byrne talking about their friendship, Kevin Bridges talking about his impact on comedy we instead got Sharleen Spiteri and Micky fucking Flannigan…