That bit when DiS are mostly eating their tea

Goes quiet dunnit?


Is this an evening thread then?


Got cheese and potato pie for tea

Can’t wait

pizza for tea and then gonna spend the evening sorting through the absolutely tons of crap that i own. fun.

current temperature audit

  • :hot_face:
  • :sweat_smile:
  • :slightly_smiling_face:
  • :cold_sweat:
  • :cold_face:
  • :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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Wasn’t my intention but no objection at all.

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It just rained lots here, which has lowered the temperature a bit and broken the humidity.

it absolutely pissed down last night but the humidity remains, at least in the microclimate of my flat.


Haha, when he eats the cheese thing (starts about 10:00). Magical.

shiiiiiiiiiit, i meant to go out and get some decent oven cleaner today but i forgot. will like a tesco metro have the good stuff? doubt it, hmpf.

Having fajitas and watching the football :yum:

I’m a comfortable temperature but it’s so, so muggy

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Tuna jacket potato for dinner

I could do with an ice cream for pudding, but I don’t know if we have any in

Hate “tea” as a name for a meal. HATE IT.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Fuck off with your teas and your suppers and all that shite. No ambiguity: breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Anyway, I had root mash and bean “shepherds pie” (contains no actual shepherd), beans and sweetcorn. Quite want to go to bed now but should probably wait until at least 7.



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it’s raining :raised_hands: might go and dance naked in it

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It’s regional no?

It’s always been tea time and always will, you have dinner in the day safety wink


Had a lot of food

It can fuck off for the sake of clearer understanding. I don’t tell the English to haud their weesht and expect them to understand me, do I.


Another jacket spud for dinner here. Really don’t want it. Might just go to bed.

Walked the dogs as its cooled down a little now.

Had pasta bolagnese for tea, made it in the slow cooker at lunch. Lovely. Now re watching Parks and Recs, might have a bath in a bit with one of my lovely new bath melts I got when I was in Scotland last week :blush: