That damp smell when people don't dry their clothes properly

I hate it!

But some of my clothes have it and now I’m going to have to wash them again.


Febreeze them. So you smell like toilet freshener instead.

Might want to put some bicarbonate of soda in with the powder, gets rid of any mildew.

That is worse because then it’s like you acknowledge the problem but have chosen a substandard solution for it. No more plausible deniability.

dry your clothes properly then MATE.

Thanks! They’re not too bad, but no harm in it!

What was that toothpaste that had bicarbonate of soda in it and mentioned it in the advert like I cared? Is Arm & Hammer a toothpaste?

also good to clean the ol’ washing machine once a month. Definitely think it helps


  • has no smell, just removes smells like they claim
  • smells of fucking febreeze

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Nice! Just a super hot wash or something more special?

I usually do, but I was in a capsule hotel and it rained constantly and they got wet and there was nothing I could do and it stressed me out

Great smell. Always makes me want to listen to Laetitia Sadier’s solo work for some reason


You need a Washing Mashing Cleaning Machine mate. They are very expensive.

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I get this lil’ kit. Has 2 wipes and a powder in it, but ultimately could use disinfectant spray and a cloth and some disinfectant washing machine powder.

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Alright mike skinner

it is the BEST toothpaste

i got to work one day last week and realised my clothes smelt of this and was then paranoid that people could smell it off me for the rest of the day

Sounds big

Wait, it’s BAKING soda isn’t it!

Worst thing.