That damp smell when people don't dry their clothes properly

Wait, it’s BAKING soda isn’t it!

Worst thing.

I don’t like it when this happens and it seems to happen a lot.


Some of my older t-shirts smell badly of damp when wet and if they don’t get dried properly it just hangs about. What can I do about this?


Bicarbonate of soda. Powder bit. Normal wash.


Do you maybe need to up your minky game?

The Minky isn’t at fault here, the surroundings of the Minky are at fault.

Happens to me all the time if I just leave my clothes in the washer for an extra hour but my landlady leaves her clothes piled up at the top of the stairs without smelling musty and I think she’s also crossing the picket line.


Have you thought about buying a dehumidifier

I have thought about nothing else for quite some time.

(There is movement in our residents group to try and get the HA to sort some out for us)

This is no laughing matter!


I’m in on Friday so I’ll join outside with biccies. Hate being outsourced to some company I don’t even know the name of.
Annoyingly on Thursday I have to graduate so can’t go to work anyway.

Some people have houses that smell of it. A friend of ours seems to always be washing masses of clothes, towels and bedding; draping them over things in every available space so it is a permanent hazy fug that won’t let anything dry. My washer / dryer may be shit, but at least I don’t have a foggy lounge full of moist towels.

MrS often moans that his coat smells like frying onions

Serves him right for not hanging it in the cupboard I guess

my ex had a housemate who would just wash her clothes with no washing powder in, then leave them in the washing machine for a couple of days, then leave them on the airer for about a week. this was in a little flat behind a shop so whenever i smell that smell i’m transported back there coz it ALWAYS smelled like that in there. she was a right fucking idiot, fair dos


my flannel shirts always reach a point where they just smell like this at all times. quite annoying.

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I usually just hang everything up, does the trick. Turn my trousers over mid-dry on the hanger too, that’s a good gambit.

The trouser toss, I call it, and that’s why I’m banned from the laundrette


Mrs F is my sense of smell. We were having this smelly clothes out of the washer problem more than usual recently and discovered a) that it’s because our washing machine was a bit filthy inside and b) that it has a secret “clean myself” setting. Job done.

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