That damp smell when people don't dry their clothes properly

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Double use. It would come in handy if you ever find a dead body and need to perform an impromptu autopsy.

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Kinda want that now but it’d just end up being a tent for the cat.

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I’m having a nightmare with this. One jumper got the smell, like peas or something and I’ve washed it three times now and it wont go! How has the smell lasted through all those washes?

Help me mumsnet

I think you’ll find it’s baking soda.

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I only wash with bicarbonate of soda if I can help it anyway. Have tried proper washing stuff, and bicarbonate, and both together…no joy.

Hmm. Might need to go the other way and try white vinegar instead.

Done it m9 (I use that instead of fabric softener)

Think the solution here is burn the jumper.

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I use napisan on whiffy gym/ yoga clothes that I can’t get sweat stains/ pongs out of. It works really well, but might wreck your jumper depending on type of wool…

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I love napisan, still got about 4 boxes to get through from bulk buying. I’ll give it a go, used to use it on all my clothes and never noticed any effect on wool so it should be ok!

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You’re not using vinegar and bicarb at the same time, are you?

We do this on the bottom tier but not the top cause the heat from the bottom bars dries the bottom part of the clothes from the top tier too. Sorry, this is a very confusing sentence. We’ve had it for about 4 years and it’s still going strong despite being a bit wonky from the cat sleeping on it.

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I’d recommend it, really speeds up drying time, less chance of still-damp clothes, and Emile will love it the second you put a towel or something on there.


Would likely get that smell out, at least.

A guy I knew at uni used to just remove his damp clothes from the machine as a sort of ball and dump them on the middle of his carpet in his room and that was that.

In a cab that has this exact smell now