That Eminem freestyle then (MTftSB?)



I get that it’s a pretty big deal and that hopefully it will make a few Trump supporters stop and take heed but I can’t stop chuckling at bits of it, ‘cos that’s how he gets his rocks off AND HE’S ORANGE’.

MTftSB: Bad rhymes

Love it when he rhymes things with orange


Saw lots of posts by noisey praising him for it, and then one saying we all shouldn’t


It’s a bit shit.


Fair play to the guy. Dude’s got a platform and he’s using it for good.


Yeah these are my sentiments. I mean it’s not going to stop people grabbing the tiki torches but it’s admirable nonetheless even if it is a bit cringe.


all this needs is a stealthBOMBER stealthBOMBER backing beat.


Seems to have wound up a fair few Trump supporters so I’m on board.


It’s insane to think of the cultural impact he had back in the day. Those first three albums are genius in the way he sets up his multiple personas to get at middle america. I wonder if we’ll see the likes of him, Marilyn Manson, etc again in terms of that impact in the age of infinitely accessible internet content?


strong tagging game :+1:


he’s not a very good rapper is he


He’s got plenty of oldsmobile driving cronies hanging around as well, one of them could’ve chipped in.


royter just in shot with his head in his hands.


He’s no Kate Tempest (sorry @AphexTwinkletoes :wink:)


Really cringe


Now? Or ever? On form, he’s top 5 for me. Lots of swings and misses, mind.



Overall but in this video especially


reading that thread again now


His opening bar’s about coffee, thought you’d be all over it.