That Eminem freestyle then (MTftSB?)



it’s shit, and while the sentiment is laudable I guess, it would’ve been more meaningful if he’d done it before the election


It’s just so rehearsed and cringe and awful arghgh


I’ve not listened to it but I really used to enjoy quite a few Eminem songs.


oooh look at his cute little George Michael-style beard


Classic American cheese/cringe material.

Especially enjoyed the po-faced blokes lingering around in the background. One had sunglasses on, which is particularly important when you’re in a multi-storey car park.


can’t think of many better tbh. Rakim, krs-one, q-tip…dunno

as you say though, lots of shite amongst the gems


lots of classic dis po-facery going on in here. c’est typique


Word, bird. You could make an astonishingly good best of, but don’t think there’s an album which holds up front to back.
Reckon his first verse on Renegade is my all time fave.


You think lesson 1 for freestyle rap is to avoid words with no rhymes, like orange.


I tried my best to be balanced chief.


not a dig at you bud


Kool Keith is also vastly superior to Eminem.


wouldn’t disagree


Are we gonna list every rapper better than him to prove “he’s not a very good rapper”?


With ya on this. First hint of earnest lyrics which aren’t wrapped in horrifically tangled metaphor and you’re ripe for a DiS shoeing.


if it makes you feel better, go for your life dude


Unfortunately, I’m one of those idiots who thinks he’s one of the best ever.


Nah - probably just to prove that he’s good but not great.


Just one of those genre’s where your either really good or fucking embarrassing, no in between.


Sun get’s pretty low this time of year. you never know when it’s gonna pop out from behind a building an blast your eyes a right wince. You don’t want to be seen to wince.