That Eminem freestyle then (MTftSB?)



That certainly wouldn’t be in line with keeping it real.


I’m all for shitting on Trump, especially when you know he knows about this and is undoubtedly bothered by it all, but that was pretty hard to watch.






Anybody think old Marsh is looking really odd in the face these days? Can’t figure out what it is, but he looks a bit wrong.

My opinion on him if anybody cares; he’s capable of bursts of serious great stuff, when he’s properly hitting his highs he’s got a presence that literally nobody else can match. Problem is that when you take his career as a whole, he really doesn’t hit the highs that often, even in his prime his clanger rate was very high. And his real zealous commitment to always dropping in as much homophobia and gleeful references to beating women as he can means I dislike the guy so much that I never have any desire to listen to even his good stuff.


He looks like zach braff


he’s no Dave is he?





He’d still get it.


No but that’s not really the point here is it


no but it is a point



GZA Genius and Busta Rhymes probably right up there too in the top 5. (If not top 2)

Also depends what you’re in to in terms of creativity and lyrical style. Definitely think if anyone say’s he’s objectively shit then they’re clueless or grasping at indie points.


He’s got form tbf


To be honest I’m surprised he remembers how to rap at all after last couple albums


Definitely agree he’s fallen off - whether it’s an effect of addiction, of aging, of becoming too comfortable, whatever - but that happens to loads of artists in loads of genres. Doesn’t mean they’re suddenly shit/weren’t great before.


oh sure I wasn’t arguing that he’s one of the most important musicians of the millennium so far afaic




I’m sorry but how has this ended up in the Eminem face chronology