That good ol Tuesday evening thread

Just had sushi and now going to do some SQL learning.



Some rowdy quizzing for me.

Finished work for the week, making chips lasagna and got a big free cider to try. Fucking exhausted but that’s just the norm now apparently.


I don’t remember allowing rowdiness

Is this chips with lasagne, or is it an amazing dish where lasagna sheets are swapped with layers of chips? (would eat)

going to have 1 x pizza and 1 x cold beer for tea. then i’m going to watch this on itv at 8pm which some mates worked on:

then i’ll probably watch a mad men and go to bed. seems decent enough for a tuesday.

Will be mostly spending my evening trying not to drink or eat chocolate because I have been consuming too much of these things. Really stressed though so unlikely to succeed.

Having a disastrous time with parenting and even R has had enough of me and is starting to tell me to go away and physically pushing me out. I’ve lost any semblance of control :frowning:

Going to watch some quizzing because I was too scared to actually participate.

Going to do the quiz, play some ac, maybe watch something and then bedtime. Fresh sheets though…oooh noice.

Lasagna (regular) is served with chips as standard. This dish is the meat, mushrooms, onion, red and white sauces, cheese, poured over a bed of chips.


:kissing_heart: I’ll be ok. Brought some fancy cheeses and some Snyders home and too and found some massively reduced Lindt bunnies in the co op.

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Had an online sesh with an academic writing advisor. She finished off with a “good luck with your assignment” and I said “you too” and then instantly shrivelled with shame as I deleted Microsoft Teams (logging out wasnt enough). This shouldn’t be a painful thing but it is :joy:


Honey mustard?

Yep and cheddar. We don’t stock the jalapeno ones for some reason.

38 and 63p depending on size btw.


I’m absolutely done in :frowning:


gonna watch the some ozark and drink some tea. feel quite tired, fuck knows why. :thinking:

Oi calm it, we’ve all had a drink


Eating stew. Too hot for stew.

Waiting for one of my quiz team to do necessary admin. But I might have to do it.