That guy Thor, it is his day

Bairn still sleeping and she slept through. My big stupid brain woke me up at half 6 though.



12 hour night shifts on Monday on Tuesdays.

Today and tomorrow I’ve 12 hour day shifts. Not much else happening.

Can’t imagine doing big long shifts like regularly.

It was “temporary” but we’ve had a 12 hour shift pattern of sorts since last March when the pandemic started.

I work at a hospital and it was meant to reduce the number of days we’re at work whilst increasing each day’s hours. Each shift is an 8 to 8 either days or nights.

I think we’re reverting to a pre-covid shift pattern soon. Anyway, I start my 8am start shortly.

Have a good day all.


Hope it flies in.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Slept shite. Worrying about work from 3-5.
Cannot. Be. Arsed!!

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Morning all!

The Child has been delivered at nursery without a cough. I await notification to collect her around 10.00 this morning.

I have no classes today and my night class doesn’t start until next week so I am very relaxed about my day. I will be doing some of the things I didn’t have time for while nurserying like marking and planning, but I have to broker a truce and kill a mantipede in The Outer Worlds too so I need to include that in my workload considerations.

Morning everyone, its a nice day here. I hope you all…


Writing on a banana is a deeply satisfying thing to do


i’m looking forward to this ma man :+1:

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Is this the start of the filth thread?

Got a wisdom tooth acting up so I’ll be spending all day imagining creative ways to pull the fucker out that don’t involve going to the dentist.

As of today there are more than 12 hours between sunrise and sunset.


Early rise, kid to school, coffee on the deck, off to park, then lunch and second kid to nursery, lego/switch/writing, then a meeting about workplace harassment, and then dinner. After that, game night online with mates.

aye @Gnometorious was saying this just the other day. really need to buy myself a banana and see what all the fuss is about


Closing DiS for the day. Let’s see how long this lasts.

  • You’ll be back within an hour
  • Hmm… might last till lunchtime?
  • You’ll be posting before the evening thread starts
  • Nice idea, but you won’t last the whole day
  • See you tomorrow Zeal!

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I have a horrible ear infection and can’t stand up without feeling dizzy and sick. It suuuuucks. We’re having carpet fitted so there’s banging and men and I’m just lying on the sofa wanting to do a cry.

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Just a standard biro works beautifully. Something about it just HITS


Passed referencing on my new flat!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS