That guy Thor, it is his day

Is this gonna be your own place (i.e not a house share)?

Really want to go to fazenda

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Yep. It is more expensive than I planned but it’s cheaper as a small 2 bed than some of the plush 1 beds (while also being lovely itself; high ceilings, bay window, French doors to kitchen, fireplaces, parking space, 2 toilets!). By Tunbridge Wells prices it’s a steal without any of that stuff. Great location too - equidistant between park/station and town centre, 1 min from one of my mates, 15 mins from best mate. I really hope there isn’t a ‘BUT…’ coming :see_no_evil:

My landlord is trying to rent out the current flat - which is not massively bigger than this one, paper thin walls, has no allocated parking and only one toilet - for £325 more per month. And you have to deal with him and the shite plumbing. So, erm, yeah.

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Heartbroken: my favourite dentist doesn’t work there any more. Also they can’t see my until tomorrow and I can’t think straight.

(from pain, not grief. I think.)

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Very exciting!

Both solid gold, I presume …


Mcdonalds being fucking Wierd today


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Hurry up lunchtime, I’ve got a tin of chicken curry soup in the kitchen

Here is an aural painting of what my head currently feels like

That’s nice and anxiety-inducing, hope it gets better soon because yeah, don’t want that in your head


I’m currently watching Victoria Wood’s Mens Sana in Thingummy Doodah and it’s legitimately for work.

Two filters and a delay all on the cusp of self-oscillation captured it well, I feel.

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Major major empathy here hanky dude. Amongst other things this has been causing me issue for weeks. Doctor was useless, and I’m left constantly feeling off balance and ‘not right’, along with sporadic nausea.

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i got this too FO,M (cDonalds)

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It’s rubbish isn’t it! Got some antibiotics but if I stand up or lie down too long I get the same. I’m also crippled with off work guilt because a lifetime of capitalism has re-wired my brain to punish me for being a human.

Local Starbucks reopened today.
Had a white chocolate mocha.
Feel sick

this song is such a vibe rn

One of the things I miss about being in the office is writing TWAT or BOLLOCKS on my colleagues banana occasionally. Always got a laugh.


Feeling properly muuurgggh today. I’ve done quite a bit while WFHorking WFHrom WFHome but time seems to be going sooooooo slowly today, and I’m just feeling knackered and all of today’s colours look very drab and uninspiring

Afternoon snack

dropped the box

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