That hidden books thing is back


THIS ISN’T A @plasticmike JAG


Anyone see that thing about these on Modern Life is Goodish the other day?


i’ve got two and i’m stuck


Saw this earlier too- got 11 so far.



Much liek @Icarus-Smicarus I am stuck too :frowning:


on 3 now. thought i had a 4th but apparently it’s wrong


Do you have to sign in after getting five?


12 now.

There’s a transport-based bestselling film adaptation
A super trashy 60s kitsch book
A Johnny Depp film
A famous political satire
A kid’s classic with Mark Rylance
An EM Forster
A depression-era American classic
A book with laughing noises in the title
An all-time classic british children’s book with a girl’s name
An animal one that has the two animals in the clue in the title
A book that earned a fatwa
A comedy set on the River Thames




Stuck on 18


Is the correct approach to mock everyone that has not ascended to my greatness?



i’m on 5 now, gonna take a look at _Em’s clues for some more


Oh hang on: there are 4 different games!


The others are just the ones from the past few years.


Up to 13 but a bit stumped now.


don’t know how it took me so long to get the one night only one


actually jesus christ there’s a couple of really simple ones here, hadn’t even paid any attention to the bottom left and it’s the easiest one.

on 8 now, haven’t checked the clues yet


*9 (another easy one)

proper stuck now though, clue time.

i’ll stop posting every time i get an answer now.


Bit stuck on 9 - going to keep looking at it and getting more and more frustrated over the next few days - can’t wait.