That menu that slides in from the left

My god if that’s not the most annoying thing in the world. Like 90% of the time I try to touch the likes on a post (next to the heart) it thinks I want that menu


Yup, apparently we’re all using Discourse wrong though. The Devs don’t care what actual users think about the UI, only whether it’s good for their own personal use.


Just seems to have become shit in like the past couple of months or something? Don’t remember there being any UX issues at all not that long ago

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Yes they’ve done tweaking and it is awful.

Yep. Hate it.

No idea what this is. Everything’s swish. I’m using Firefox Mobile. Like a winner.

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“We need to retrain our users and tell them they’re enjoying our site wrong”

Fuck off mates

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That’s literally like rule 1 of not what to do as a UX person

I could understand their point of view of a single change they’d made involved standard UI, but they’re just making up hidden features with no indication they exist. Never seen another website with swipable panels and no chrome at all when they’re hidden. Nightmare from an accessibility perspective.

i don’t know anything about web design but someone in that thread pointed out the silliness of making one motion to bring up notifications and a completely different motion to get out of them and how clunky that is, which is true. i keep trying to hit my avatar again to get rid of the sidebar and then remembering it’s not there.

i did enjoy their doubling down when people starting going “what the fuck, why would i not want to see my notifications” though - “oh, erm, actually, uh, checking notifications too much is actually very unhealthy! you’re all addicts and this will help your online behaviour. yes, that’ll do…”

(heavily paraphrased obviously)

Pull in from the right or left of the screen

Aye, I’ve since sussed that I get a menu if I swipe left to right from the edge of the screen, through the anchor logo. Doesn’t happen for the rest of the lower part of the page, though. Don’t mind it.

Having said that, it’s inconsistent. Tapping on the anchor logo takes you to a page instead of giving you the sliding menu. Whereas tapping on your avatar on the to right and swiping right to left through the avatar give you the same sliding menu of personal notifications.

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take it back now y’all

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Still despising this. Icing on the cake is when it slides out and I press Desktop View all in the same go. Die.

Still hate this. A lot.


keep trying to like posts on mobile and bringing the menu up instead. likewise with trying to reply and bringing up the menu from the right

I’m just going to stop liking posts, Ic.

That’ll show them.

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Becoming Marckee is not a solution to this problem!

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This has randomly started to affect me in the last 24 hours. Please can we make it stop. :pray:


I can’t really make this happen at all guys so I’m wondering if it’s down to phone brands or it’s just a user thing - basically I reckon raising a request in the UX side of Discourse to move the likes button might work.

So I guess the questions to all of you suffering - @barleysugar @icarus-smicarus @sadpunk @laelfy @anon76851889 @japes @escutcheon - would be:

  1. Phone make and model
  2. Are you right or left handed
  3. Are you liking one handed? e.g. are you holding the phone in your left hand and just using your thumb?

Basically I’ve tried a bunch of times and when I tap to like in mobile I never see the left menu pop out. I can only get it by quite deliberately dragging on the left into the centre.

FWIW I don’t like these new slide out menus at all but I don’t get them accidentally appearing.