That menu that slides in from the left


I don’t seem to be accidentally getting the menu slide out anymore since you said this but i might just be imagining it. I’m tapping on the left side of my phone screen (which used to make it slide out) and it’s not appearing. They might have fixed it or when I’m actually concentrating I’m more focused with my tapping? I need more time to assess whether it’s fixed.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Right handed
Using thumb

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Will try and keep an eye on when it happens. I don’t use my phone consistently - switch between hands and thumbs all the time and it doesn’t happen all the time for me. Chrome on Google Pixel and Google Pixel 3.

I would guess that it’s likely to affect those with smaller screens more as the touch areas are smaller and so there’s less room for error.

Tbh it’s probably only happened about a dozen times since they added the menu, it’s not a huge problem for me - my main issue is simply that it’s bad UI design to hide elements like this along with the attitude of the Devs to anyone who thinks their changes are for the worse.

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It’s not because of liking things for me, it’s when I swipe from the left to go back. Only started two days ago out of nowhere and happens about 80% of the time I swipe but not always? It’s pretty annoying when you have muscular memory to swipe to go back a page rather than pressing the back button, especially as the back button is auto hidden by the site too.

iPhone SE



Ah! That’s an interesting point about swiping shortcuts. I’ll raise it. Odd that you’re only seeing this now. I wonder if they’ve increased the ‘hot’ area size.

@colinzealuk IMO 12 times is a lot for a bug like this in that timescale

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Pixel 2 - happens on both
  • Right handed
  • Yes, usually hold phone in hand (either hand) and use the thumb to hit like.


Actually Theo - just done it twice when trying to quote some text from the beginning of a post. The more I think about it, the more i feel they’ve inadvertently overdone the amount of functionality they’ve tried to cram into gestures.



Samsung Galaxy J3
Right handed
One handed, yeah

doesn’t happen all the time but it’s annoying when it does.

what’s annoying me more atm though is that when i hit my icon to bring up the right side menu with the likes, if i try to swipe it away again and stay on the current thread it usually takes me 2 or 3 goes to successfully swipe the menu back off screen. usually i swipe it back to the right but because i haven’t gone right to the absolute end of the screen, it pops right back up again.

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Well we’ll see what comes of this

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Right, it seems this is a bug. To be clear you’re using the standard swipe gesture on your phone for ‘go back’ or ‘go forward’ and instead you’re making the menus appear?

What Discourse are saying is that shouldn’t happen, you should only be able to make them disappear via swiping, specifically because otherwise it would upset how the browser functions in iOS

Can you tell me your iOS version?




Correct. But weirdly not 100% of the time. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes the menu appear and what doesn’t but can’t see a pattern.


It only started 2 days ago out of the blue.

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Thanks, have posted that through.



Looks like they’ve fixed the iOS issue and shrunk the size of the ‘hot’ area that pulls out the menu so hopefully when these filter in you’ll get much less of this



Maybe. Although I’ve never had this problem*. So my instinct was that it’d maybe be something related to narrow bezels?

*I’m using a Sony Xperia [some letters] Compact, with Firefox, right handed, one handed (i.e. doing everything, including liking stuff, with my right thumb).




This problem has stopped for me btw :balloon::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses::confetti_ball::balloon::clinking_glasses: