That MJ Guider album from last year is really good innit

Like if Grouper had bothered to write more than one song and got Jon Hopkins to do production

I liked it alright, just kind of forgot about it though. Her EP was pretty good too.

the Demen album that’s also out on Kranky is cut from a similar cloth.

I enjoyed it but have to say haven’t returned to it much, not sure why - good reminder.

I loved it and still come back to it from time to time. Evencycle is right up there as one of the best songs of 2016.

Gonna listen to it now.

New album incoming! And great first track available now…


Hyped for this, relistened to the debut the other day and yeah it’s a gooden

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Amazing news! I have been checking in on her intermittently for 3 years hoping for this. This has put a real spring in my step.

First album is such a gem wish more people knew about it.

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It’s such a great album. I remember liking it on first listen, but then repeat listenings just wedged it further and further into my brain. Can’t wait to hear this new album!

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Really enjoying this new one! If you liked her last one, this is a shoo-in…


Forgot the new one was out this weekend. Hooray! Listening to it now (dunno if I’ll be able to go from start to finish on this sitting) but yeah, definitely of a piece with the first one – nicely cold and sliiiiightly reminiscent of early Cocteaus (atmospherically more than totally musically reminiscent of Head Over Heels).

Feels like she takes things a bit further based on what I’ve heard so far. Same sounds and ideas but breathing out a bit more.

I’d not heard of her before now - just fired on the 2016 album and right enough sounds great. Will queue up the new release right after this.

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Oh my gosh, the Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd vibe on the piano tones of “Perfect Interference”

Yup, some serious Cocteaus/Liz Fraser vibes on this album.

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New record is really good

Bits of Cocteau Twins, bits of Belong

Love the industrial beats that have been added

Will be listening more


That last track omg

One of those albums which is very much ‘more of the same’ but what a wonderful same it is.

Taking me a while to get into the new one.

Think the difference between this and the first one is how much it grabs your attention. I’ve had the new one on loads whilst I’m working etc and it’s very pleasant, but with the exception of Quiet Time, it feels a bit more like passive background music. First one is quite a demanding listen.

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