That new Four Tet EP is really good

Yeah. Back in the game in a big way recently.

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Love the new ep. Love ‘Dreamer’ too - one of my fav songs of this year.

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He’s having a great year

He’s also put a fantastic playlist of music on Spotify.

i only have the Early Output comp which has some pretty good stuff on it. never got round to checking out their proper albums. which one’s a good one to start with?

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Really hope you enjoy it!

It’s 104 hours long!

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Yeah this ^ I could listen to those albums on a loop for days!


About two hours in. Good so far.

Love this track he put out this year too.


Yeah. Good innit

Absolute fucking monster right there

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saw him do a DJ set the other week and it was a lot of fun but i’m 30 so i had to go and sit down for a while as it entered its 3rd hour

would have preferred to see him do a set of his own stuff but he did throw in Lush and possibly one or two others


This and Question every tune he has put out as KH has been mint.


Indie landfill? Are you sure you’re listening to Four Tet albums?



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