That new Four Tet EP is really good

The thing with the lights this year was good as well - mainly for the lights tho really :+1:

I guess you always have a reasonable idea of what you’re going to get with Four Tet, but what you get is still fantastic. Similar to Aphex Twin really - it was astounding and ground breaking 20 years ago, but they’ve been around for so long that you almost forget how unique it is.


Really enjoyed Teenage Birdsong and Dreamer as well.

Agree that Pause and Rounds are some of his best works, esp Rounds, for me that album hits all the right spots. I also have a lot of time for his other albums following that, although his turn towards house music with Beautiful Rewind and Pink took me awhile to get on board with. His Fabric mix is a lot of fun though.

The Ringer EP is certainly worth checking out, the crescendo on the track Ringer is mega

This is probably one of my all-time favourites, god damn it is so good, the explosions throughout…

Not sure this one gets enough mentions either, plonky plonk plonky twinkle twinkle boom boom

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Yes, the other album The Sun is also one I keep coming back to.

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I still go back to Pink all the time, absolutely love it.

Had somehow never listened to them until I saw this CD for a couple of quid recently. Like it a lot (and insert baffled old man outburst about how they were all still at school when they made it!)

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