That new Playstation 5 just looks like all the others

Dunno, seeing a lot of “oooh, look at the new PS5” and it just looks like the old ones but it’s a different colour. Are console bros like those guys that go on about different types of identical BMWs now?

Please enjoy your PS5s, I’m sorry, it’s just a bit baffling to me.

There were many, many things to dunk on in the release presentation, but “it looks like all the featureless black rectangles they had before” is an… interesting angle.

(We’re talking about it in the gaming thread)


I’m sure you are. I have no desire to dunk on the gaming thread and frankly I haven’t watched any of the videos because I recall when I saw the footage from the PS4 stuff it looked to me no different to the PS3 - see also that recent Unreal Engine demo thing where I couldn’t really see anything improving.

Maybe it’s just the way it seems to be presented in Twitter but there are these pictures of the console and it just looks like the previous one except it’s white not black or grey. The controller looks basically the same just a bit more…grey.

It’s a different shape and size and colour


What design would pick for a playstation?

(Not defending the new PS5 shape, sounds like a tough job though, picking a shape for a games console that people would like)

Didn’t watch any of what’s happened tonight whatever that has been. Buying one at launch though (don’t have a current-gen console). GIMME.

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Completely frictionless, aperture-free orb please


Sounds a bit xboxy to me.

Ur 100% correct. I can usually spot even the smallest leaps in tech but that showcase showed a lot of good games that could run on current hardware. As i said as a game showcase it was good but as a sales pitch for the PS5 it was kind of bad (no news about services, system level improvments, price etc) no justification of the extra horsepower either

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The console bros are at it again!

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no it looks like nike designed a grill

none of the gothy mystery of the ps2 monolith, or the simplistic mechanical look of the ps1
the other two are just glorified fax machines


xbox x looks like an upturned bin


maybe games were always shit ruffers


got me doubting everything now

they’re like all good art, diamonds buried in mountains of faff

been playing some old games lately, played through all the golden axe games for the mega drive, they’re shit!

Also played all the Streets of Rage games which are great but you play as cops beating people up so they’re also shit


just realised you’re too young to know what I’m talking about, sorry

nah I had both on my sister’s megadrive

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alright! :sunglasses: