That new Playstation 5 just looks like all the others

Should have just designed a 5 tiered Ps4 and spent the marketing budget remastering the first two Super Monkey Ball games.


Yeah it’s exactly the shape I expected. Dull and functional.

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That’s just an incredible design.

“Remember those mini-tower desktops from the 90s everyone was glad to be finally rid off? Yeah well have I got a console design for you!”

Old games were good at the time. The vast, vast majority don’t stand up at all.

If you can find the original Prince of Persia on Windows (it’s free with ads on the Windows Store in win 10) you’ll see a retro game that still genuinely has a bit of pull.

But in general I find a love of retro gaming a bit baffling too. I get the “ooh a game from my youth” nostalgia but mostly they can only hold your attention for a fraction of the time a more modern game can.

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Don’t know about that I think mid 90s to early 00s had a ton of really innovative and creative games that hold up very well, still tonnes of generic platformers but nowadays a lot of games are more about drip feeding you rewards to keep you playing and the game itself I should sort of joyless

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I think there’s a tonne of innovative stuff out there that can compete to the earlier gens in the 90s.
Most of the system sellers and big brand games are iterative but the market is so much larger that you can have something like The Witness that feels very fresh.
I guess as technology meets a slow ebb related creativity will as well but hopefully they’ll be able to make interesting new games, creativity with AI should expand.

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I don’t know if there was a tonne. Certainly you’re right that as we get closer to the 2010s the technology meant that the very good games have more staying power. But even the good stuff is quite simplistic vs current games in terms of little clever things, which I think is part of why they are often not quite as compelling.

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if a console the size of a family car, with that white facade and shape, had come out with that showcase of games and features in 2006, maybe.

real talk, i honestly thought they were gonna go small with some upgrades on the ps4 but greater mobility and streaming/downloads type thing.

honestly, even ps3 games look and play well today.


Still don’t get why console designers haven’t realised controller technology peaked with the N64 pad and re-create it ad infinitum, TBH


the n64 controller is the reason i play with a really weird grip nowadays on other controllers. i didn’t realize i was doing it until my ex pointed out I was holding the left joystick like a pen.

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The precision it allowed was just so, so incredible. I’ve played various PS iterations since and own an Xbox One S, and the pads are just uniformly shit in comparison. Don’t get why something so beautifully intuitive and simple can’t be replicated…

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I am a big fan of the Switch’s design. Very clever in terms of utility and stuff.

Although, ultimately, it’s just like all the rest.

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I have played and enjoyed Mario Kart on Switch but found the pad very cramped. That could be inexperience though - doubt I’ve played for more than an hour in total

it was really hard to hold for long periods, was what I remember.

the gamecube controller got the right balance, and that’s why its still my controller of choice to this day.

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Yes, GoldenEye cramp was a common ailment in my first year at uni, but I forced myself to get used to it in the end! I missed out on the whole GameCube era apart from the odd game of Super Monkey Ball - I do remember that pad being lovely as well

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Yeah it’s pretty cramped when you split it I guess, although it’s probably not much smaller than the NES ones?

I like the feel of the block you add them to for single-player gaming that resembles a standard console controller.

The other night the red one just completely dropped off the system. Google showed me how to fix it but it was a bit annoying! At least that can’t happen with cable-attached versions.

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I’ve watched people play solo Switch and that looks great, but I struggled with the tiny pads separated from the main system. They felt a lot smaller than the NES ones, though I’m not sure if that’s my memory playing tricks or not. And yeah, I’m dead old fashioned in that my controller SHOULD NOT need batteries and SHOULD NOT drop connections at random times. It’s why we invented wires

it certainly looks like a games console alright!

just as i suspected it would


I see they do official Switch GameCube-style controllers but not N64 style ones, which seems odd.