That New Thread Smell



Breathe it in


did you bomp?


just remembered that @AphexTwinkletoes professed his love for lynx africa the other night


Good idea, the old one was starting to smell of bicycles and disappointment.


It occurred to me the other day having spent a large chunk of my teen years coated in the stuff that Lynx Africa is probably the closest thing I have to Proust’s Madeleine.

That was a depressing 5 minutes.


I stand by it - nearly bought some roll-on Africa at the airport on Monday when I realised I’d left mine at home. Bought some scentless Dove stuff instead. It’s not scentless - it’s the smell of pure chemicals and I hate it. Wish I’d gone Lynx Africa.

Good story.


I like threads like this.


You sure this is new? I’ve heard of some threads where they’ve deleted old posts and tried to pass it off as new.


ahhhh, you can’t fake it.


Smells like a C&A in here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Smells like teen spirit (the classic Radiohead tune from their debut album)