That rosetta probe crashing into the comet



Everyone’s crying about it, it’s a bit much. I can’t post this on twitter but I had to get it off my chest.


Ha ha ha what a daft cunt


gonna add this to the list of things I couldn’t give a hoot about.


RIP 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko :champagne:


it’s a small list



still, it’s a list and that’s what matters.


taken too soon, sleep well sweet prince


this is a real tweet:


fucking hell

if (comet is close) {

right @1101010??



it would be great (well good) if the last photo it sent back was of someone’s shocked face



“It’s like one of those 60s rock bands; we don’t want to have a rubbish comeback tour. We’d rather go out now in true rock’n’roll style,”

I love how these little glimpses into the personalities of these scientists show they’re just the same as your common or garden geek at the end of the day. Like if they’d got worse A level results they would have ended up on here arguing with Theo about the constitutional power of the Iron Bank in the seven kingdoms of Westeros. But as it is they’re spending trillions of dollars exploring space and firing particles down a big tube.


good lord


can’t for the life of me work out how this got downgraded to good


marckee, I appreciate you linking to the correct point in that video


i just thought i was maybe getting carried away


Can’t believe that slag crashed into a comet


It’s programming like this that causes probes to crash into comets.

if (comet.isClose()) {


try {
} catch (CometException)


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