That’s the end of February then

Good luck to the gorgeous @rich-t today. Go smash it x

Work and a meeting and maybe cauliflower cheese for tea for me.

How about a you my chickadees??


Aww thanks slicks. That’s very kind

Yeah, interview today. About to do the rounds for school/nursery drops before doing some final reading then driving to the interview.

Big shop + food shop for a long weekend in center parcs this weekend. Then plan making some slow cooker curries this week to take with us. All the excitement in the r-t house today.

Takeaway for tea either as celebration or commiseration


Morning troops, off into town to work for a day long training course. Free lunch tho. Also payday.

Have a massive plook on the end of my nose tho, so feel hideous and wanted to stay in bed.

Had a v strange dream where I was in a grocery store and was at the veg area and had a load of folk crowd ming around me and I felt overwhelmed and frightened, and then as I pushed through an older guy screamed out “he’s stolen my bible!” to which I shouted no I didn’t! But everyone started running after me, and just as I was about to get caught the old guy burst into a song about jesus and it was clear it was all staged, and then everyone in the shop told him to fuck off.

Morning kids,

Absolutely zero going on today. The very definition of a slow news day. Thanks for posting Rob.

Good luck this morning @rich-t


Just got my porridge on the go.

Doing a training module for work this week, so will be living the life of a ‘going on the computer’ worker and writing a report today.

Will fit a dog walk in and try and get a little bike ride in there somewhere too.

Good luck @rich-t! You can do it!

Got to go to the office for a 4 hour meeting :upside_down_face:

3.5 hour undiagnosed case review meeting in Cardiff, followed by 3.5 hours teaching GPs about genetics in Swansea. I’m not likely to eat lunch today, am I? Always makes me grumpy.

Good luck dude, hope you smash it


I’m on a train to Leeds. Obviously my actual booked train was cancelled so I’m on a slightly later one.

And… the speakers are just endlessly feedbacking. Just a constant shrieking drone. I asked a staff member if there was anything they could do to stop it and hr was like “lol, of course not, that’s just what they do”. Oh, right then, sure.


Morning all :wave:

Best of luck to the amazing @rich-t - you can definitely do this :muscle:

I’m stuck at Ely station after missing my connection by about 2 minutes (cheers, Great Northern and East Midlands) but I should be able to rearrange my morning. Got a couple of meetings to dial into, then a couple of hours with the GBOLs at Burton upon Trent, before heading to Stoke for my hotel. Those Encyclopediae Britannica won’t sell themselves.

Anyway here’s the

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 06:48 17:34 10:46:27 +4:05
Brighton 06:47 17:39 10:51:38 +3:48
Glasgow 07:11 17:48 10:37:01 +4:36
Manchester 06:59 17:44 10:44:24 +4:12
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:01 17:54 10:53:03 +3:44
Newcastle 06:59 17:39 10:39:50 +4:26
Cardiff 07:00 17:50 10:49:59 +3:54
Belfast 07:16 17:57 10:41:04 +4:23

Great news for :honeybee: MANCHESTER :honeybee: and :black_heart: :white_heart: NEWCASTLE :white_heart: :black_heart: for smashing the 7am barrier! What a glorious morning in the north west and north east.


Today the bathroom is being ripped out for the second time in 6 months…

Found out the extractor my brother in law did last time isn’t earthed properly. Nice.

Morning all!

The Child is on strike but Wor Lass has annual leave this week so I’m still at work. It’s my worst class of the week this morning, probably made worse by all of the mature students being off with their kids too.

I might try to work from coffee shop this afternoon. I’ve got twenty sets of two exams to mark this week and I should probably try to clear them as I go.

Good luck!

Arrived in my office to find that I have had a Siemens Hydraulic Actuator delivered by name.

I have no idea what this is. Pretty sure I didn’t order it.




One for the teenagers there.


Gl hf richie!

I’m out having a coffee cuz the cat woke me up at like 6 asking for cuddles.

Get him on rogue traders, mate. Miss that show.


Anyone else I’d be suing without question. Awkward when it’s family. Hate him now though.


North London: the sun has risen

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