That song about Joe Mangel

For the past week I have been half remember a song that was very DiS friendly from the mid 00s called “Joe Mangel”.

A lyric that I vaguely recall was something like “Well Joe Mangel, he had Melanie (something something something) / Well me, I only have these melodies (something something something)”

It was a solo male singer with a guitar. A thousand Google searches later is making me think the song never existed. I am positive I heard the song through DiS - any help?

About the neighbours character, blimey.

Harold and Joe (B-side of Never Enough) by The Cure is named after Harold Bishop and Joe Mangel. True story.

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I was certain DiS would know. Maybe one for the Social?

It’s by Akira the Don from EP called Five and a Half songs about Love.


YES YES YES! Thank you kind stranger. This is much appreciated.