That sounds like a band name (rolling)


Keaton Jenning’s Wagon Wheel

Band names that initially put you off



sounds like a band i would not want to see or hear


Lilian’s Sandals.

A shop in Capri but sounds like a band who’d play Indietracks.


I think they play to a mostly middle-aged audience, but you get a dinner included in your ticket. Big on daytime radio in the 70s.


Hard Brexit
Wisconsin Recount
Five Star Movement feat. Beppe Grillo


Freeman Hardy and Willis
Sole Trader
House of Fraser

Bull and Gate, 7pm £5/£4 concessions


Their debut album ‘Legitimate Concerns’ is a frontrunner for this year’s mercury prize


Cobra Committee
Women Priests
Gender Neutral Pronoun


Featuring 4 of the original 12 members!


Bloody Mary Saturday