That there Thursday Evening thread

Just popped some washing in. Might go to the gym but might not.


Applying for jobs. Sick of it, tbh.

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Sitting on a bus forever. Having enchiladas de mole for tea when I get home though :yum: gonna probably watch the mindhunter finale tonight and maybe do a bit of recording if i cba. Might drink one beer. :beer:

Oh yeah, TODAY WAS MY FRIDAY! Off to the Brecon Beacons for a mates STAG DOOOO tomorrow

Waiting for the call from the kids’ mum and then drive them back.

Come home, eat bolognese.

Have a bath.

Maybe Netflix.

Definitely bed.

Ate bolognese. It was tasty. We bought that pasta that looks like tentacles.

Football in an hour. I feel sorry for the guy who organises my Thursday game because some of the people who play are fucking unreliable.

I’m planning to drink two bottles of stout tonight. I haven’t had nearly enough booze this week.


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Alright jords et al.

Missus is in the bath so having a dabble on the Xbox and gonna stick a pizza in the oven in a tick. Tales from the Crypt (1972) is on the Horror Channel tonight :grin:

should I be watching this?

I think it’s pretty good aye. If you like Fincher/zodiac type stuff then you’ll probably like it.

cool will give it a go

Never heard it etc.


Going to a preview of that new Iannucci film.

Fish finger wrap for tea :ok_hand:


House is looking clean. Lying down and listening to the new Liars album now. Quite enjoying it. Might drink a few cans of lager later on.

Yeah new liars is good! Surprisingly so.

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Definitely not gyming it

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Had curry with the gf’s homegrown chillies. She’s very proud of them.

I’ve spent the last two days being around people non-stop from 8 until bed time, so I’m putting on my robe and wizard hat, cranking some Melt Banana in my headphones, and nerding the fuck out in the privacy of my spare room until I pass out.


Cooked some sort of veggie pasta sauce thing for dinner. Got a sparking elderflower cordial on the go. Gonna head to bed at a respectable time as I’m up early for my penultimate shift at the place I work.

Merry evening!

Yo eps, can you validate me in an AIBU scenario please?