That thing in sitcoms

Possibly just Friends, dunno, where they cut to shots of a character laughing (in my head it’s Monica) while the laugh track rings out.

I don’t like that.

“Hold for laughs”

It’s a real skill to be able to pull it off without it looking mad.

Friends is bad because they cut to a character laughing rather than a character holding for laughs that are external.

I don’t like it, Tone.

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people laugh in real life epimer. it’s realism.

Not when I’m around they don’t


Most of the time I can ignore laugh tracks, but once I’ve noticed them they are both intrusive and impossible to ignore. Baffling why they exist.

Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience.

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We were on a break!

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Yeah I guess, but that has to be traded against how corny they sound. Maybe it’s just me.

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Not a thing

Pivot! Pivot! Pivaaat!

I’m going to wear ALL the clothes!


… and Trigger pulled a face

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Anonymous poll

  • I enjoy watching Friends greatly
  • I enjoy watching Friends to some extent
  • I dislike watching Friends
  • I dislike watching Friends to a great extent
  • I have never watched a single minute of Friends

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i think that’s fine
not a fan of that thing in sitcoms where characters say funny stuff and then none of the other characters laugh or acknowledge it. must be demoralising