That thing that people show you when you're a kid

where you hold a pen by the end and wave it loosely up and down and it looks like it’s going all bendy.

Why does it look like it’s going all bendy?

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I studied optical sciences for twelve years and no one has ever been able to find out.


it was explained in the matrix (only with a spoon but it’s the same principle)


The pen is staying still, its the earth (and possibly the cosmos) bending around it.


Maybe it’s because your fingers heat the pen, so it melts a bit?

Makes sense.


Wait till I show you how I can remove the ends of my fingers!

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I’ve only ever seen it done on a thumb

wonder if I could make my big toe disappear

Uri Geller invented the phenomenon…

Also, remember when he made Gary McAllister miss that penalty against England in Euro 96? GBOL…

I think I meant thumb. Been a while since I did it.

please be careful - could end badly if you are out of practice


I thought he’d died for some reason…

Sight is the shittest sense isn’t it ? I mean, you only need 24 frames per second to fool the eye/brain into perceiving continuous movement but to get realistic sound you need 44,100 frames per second

Hearing rules

I genuinely checked his wiki page before posting as I also thought he was dead :neutral_face:

He made you both think that :open_mouth:


The greatest trick he’s ever pulled off.

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I think that you might be getting Geller mixed up with Gagarin. It’s an easy mistake to make.

Yeah, it’s weird in a society that’s so preoccupied with vision but from an evolutionary perspective you can see how a well tuned 360 hearing ability gives you a much better survival chance than putting all your resources into vision

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