That thing with Ralf Little in set in Barbados or something

Looks shit

Only watching if it’s called “Want You To Make Me Feel, Like I’m The Only Ralf In The World”

That whole show is a canny ruse by an enterprising production company to get a load of people a cushy gig in the Caribbean for a few months a year on the BBC’s dime. Fair play to them.


Death In Paradise is one of them shows I’m not convinced anyone has ever actually watched


I started watching an episode of Death in Paradise in February 2020 and fell asleep halfway through. Danny John Jules was in it, that’s all I remember.

Too many names for one person


Actually, I missed out his hyphen, should be John-Jules. Does that make it better?

Would never have guessed there’d been nearly 100 episodes of it

Every time one of the stars decides they’ve had enough the company scrounges up another former sitcom mainstay to keep the hustle going a little longer.


Its a relaxing watch

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My parents love it.

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The BBC’s dime is our dime though isn’t it?!

Yep, they’re taking food out of my children’s mouths so that Kris Marshall can get a nice tan.


That’s the worst name I ever heard…

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It’s somehow a worldwide hit (shown in 236 territories!) so it probably makes enough money for this not to be an issue

Joint production with France innit? Always seemed to be on tv there

I don’t mind Death In Paradise.

Wor Lass tends to watch it on Sunday nights on iplayer and it has a very suitable level of challenge for that night.

remember when ralf little used to be father dougal for a while?

I like it. It’s the perfect thing to watch if you’ve had a knackering day at work: not too taxing, nothing really bad happens (apart from the murder and in any event the victim often turns out to have been an unpleasant character), there’s a fair chance of guessing the murderer before the big reveal.

I think all the episodes are on iPlayer at the moment if you want to treat yourselves.

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More popular than the UN!

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