That's Entertainment


The Theatre
Chucking/kicking a ball about
The internet
Light/heavy petting
Theme parks


Vidya games




Seeing someone slip on some ice


I would have accepted oil or water as well.


children hurting themselves


What about a banana?


Has never happened so we’ll never know


Children swearing.


Having a jostle


Trying to open the microwave door as close to it finishing as possible without it reaching zero and beeping


walking the streets


Taking the cover off your speaker, putting the EQ to all bass, turning the volume right up, playing some dub and resting your erect penis against the cone.


and roaming them


Sorry but we are not talking 'bout dub.


Bopping a balloon up into the air.


pretending to throw a ball for a dog


Opening excel, changing all the cells to an aesthetically pleasing size (say, 40x40),filling each cell with =RAND(), formatting each cell with ;;; to make text invisible, then conditional formatting the whole sheet with a nice colour scale (maybe even 3 colours), then repeatedly pressing F9 to marvel at the results.

It’s probably what Picasso would have progressed to were he still alive.

Help me waste my time (slightly techy list question)

Letting a little dribble out of your mouth and trying to let it fall as far as possible before sucking it back in without any falling on the floor.


Slapping your cheeks while changing the shape of your open mouth to play out a little tune, e.g. Gershon Kingsley’s Popcorn.