That's right, it's Thursday

Looooooot of rejection emails from stuff I applied for. Yikesies

Eating a cream cheese bagel. About to drink an entire pot of coffee. This concludes my plans for the day.

Burrito later?

Apparently the bairn has some party to go to, no idea how this fits in with lockdown - it’s outside, but the grandparents are responsible for it and it means a free afternoon. Another unexpected result, hurrah.

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Just a half day for me today, so only three more hours of work left. The weather isn’t looking so good this afternoon though, so I might have to rethink my plans.

I need to go to the chemist, I need to pick up a roll of developed film from the photo lab, and I still haven’t got around to going to the post office yet either, but I’m not in any rush for that. I need to go and buy some plain stickers too. How do I cope with all this excitement?

Yo. Back is hurting, think it’s my chair - might need to go into the office to swap it I think. Urgh.

Listening to the first Pulled Apart By Horses album, that was good, wasn’t it?

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gonna golf

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Did a morning walk for he first time in a while. Saw 3 squirrels so pretty happy with that.

Was gonna be productive this morning. But had some Senior Leaders stream thing where they talked about… stuff… Whilst I browsed the Scottish Wildlife Trust website.

Frisbee or ball?

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Ahem, the correct terminology is ‘disc’


Started watching Horrible Histories and I have to say, it’s absolutely cracking telly :ok_hand:

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FFO Randy deers

unlistenable aqos hype anthem

Hey DiS.

Loads of work again today/tonight, not sure what to do with M today to tey and sneak some work in.

CW boring stuff about conspiracy theories

Feeling concerned about a friend, she’s gone all out conspiracy theorist and she’s asked if i can remove a Facebook photo of her doing :metal: in a photo with M as a baby because of Satan and cults and paedophilia.

I don’t really know what to do. I mean if you want to have theories that’s fine but it feels like all shes doing is researching new ones. She started out talking about how mask deplete your oxygen and the government want you to wear them all the time so we are faceless and anonymous but then she also talks about surveillance so none of her theories even stack up. She’s a therapist and lots of people trust her, she’s very well educated and idk, just feels like she’s influencing a lot of more impressionable people too.

I tried to talk but im brainwashed in her eyes.

ennui ennui ennui fucking go


I’ve found this exact thing. People are questioning received wisdom and the media and everything, which is good, but then apparently pivoting to “oh, so that means literally everything the mainstream media says is obviously just opposite land now because I HAVE SEEEN THROUGH ITTT”


Yeah, well even though she’s been a victim of racism and has been very proactive in encouraging her friends to research it and be educated in the past, she’s now saying that George Floyd was a set up as is all the police brutality for reasons I can’t follow…control I gather. Really worrying to see someone be so consumed by it, and no doubt there’s a load of shady shit happening in the world but she can’t keep on like this.

Cause of her line of work, are there any colleagues of hers that could have a word maybe?