That's right - Vitamins

Can’t live with em, can’t live without em!

How is your vitamin intake? Getting enough B? Too much C? Anyone got any F kicking around?

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Love talking about vitamins online.
I take an A-Z tablet every once in a while

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This is the thread for you!

Take B12 because I’m a vegetarian now and don’t eat much dairy for bumwee reasons. That’s it.

Sometimes Vitamins are a letter (eg B) and sometimes they also have a number or two (eg B12)

Funny old world isn’t it

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I like B12 because it has cobalt in it, which is quite unusual.

Cobalt is a kind of blue


Think it’s about time a new vitamin was unveiled. Would cheer everyone up a bit. Thinking caps on, eggheads!


The blue is named after the thing.

No, it’s the other way around

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Cobalt can also be pink. It’s fun like that. The drying agent in the things in my car are cobalt salts - blue when dry, pink when wet. Some fun coordination chemistry happens.


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“just going out for a bit of that sweet D”

Is what I say when it’s sunny and I’m leaving the house, on account of the sun providing vitamin D

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“Let me get that D”

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I’ve been so many places
I’ve seen so many faces
But nothing compares
To these nice vitamins I’ve been taking

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Just got some of those ones that will make me look like David Gandy, can’t wait

You will be a Wellman

Well well wellman

I remember once having a discussion that was about “I don’t know who David Gandy… No honestly I don’!, I’ve never heard of him!”

When I see an advert for Wellbaby I say in my head “that’s WELL baby”