That's slaw baby!

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As slaw is inherently mayo based I do not trust it. I had a very good Caribbean tropical slaw recently, however.

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My friend made me a very good slaw recently. Think it was a Jamie Oliver recipe, it had shredded apple in it which I’m against on paper tbh, but it was preeeeetty good.

I fought the slaw…

I hate mayo myself. Had a waldorf salad for the first time t’other week though (without mayo) which has apple in and i enjoyed.

All the best people do

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i’m the opposite. hate getting a slaw and it’s just chopped up vegetables.

wtf wheres the mayo

I think it was this one. As I recall the mayo was almost non-existent (I mean it’s in there but it didn’t taste of it at all)

really irks me when people refer to coleslaw as ´slaw.



its a condiment alright.

wait, I never actually claimed it was a condiment. I claimed that it was a sauce, which it is. in addition to being a condiment.

Really don’t trust mayo-haters, sorry lads.


Bit o’ street salad and a flatbread, IN MA FUCKEN BELLEH.

Not down with the haters, but am irked by how it’s on everything and there’s always loads more than needed.

Calm down with the mayo, please.

Discovered tonight there’s a vegan restaurant on Islington’s trendy Upper Street called “SLAW”.

For all your slaw-based needs.