That's yer aliens

I like how we discovered aliens via farts

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No smoke without fire, no penguin microbes on Venus without Venus penguins.


complete sci-fi musings, but how does the possibility of non-corporeal life fit into that?

Oh shit sorry, could’ve been yeah. I just stuck my earphones in.
This is embarrassing. It definitely might have been the aliens alarm. What a mistake-a to make-a

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‘they found bacteria on venus’

  • oooh interesting
  • wake me up when they’re organizing professional football matches, mate.

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It’s not bacteria, it’s this molecule

Brilliant. I’m not fixing it.


Weird flex :smiley:

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Accidental Liam Gallagher tweet.

if its not sentient and moving about a bit, I’m not interested. don’t give a fuck about a few bacteria fucking about in the atmosphere of venus. as you were. LG x


All I want is for them to discover some space penguins. Is that too much to ask?


something really comforting and reassuring about how plain science labs look and how they still have the stools we used at school, like science is just stuck in the 70s

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  1. The universe is teeming with life, I reckon. If you think microbes and shit is life. Teeming, I say.
  2. What is ‘life’?
  3. If they discovered penguins on Venus then 2020 has been worth it

done me a bit

If they’re from space clouds it would explain how they’re so obviously unsuited to walking on land here, clumsy waddling idiots.


They can’t just mention “Venus penguins” like it’s a possibility then dash our hopes like that

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some discussion partner you are

Men are from mars, penguins are from venus


Just searched and apparently this is old news anyway, there’s loads of photos of them

I’ve still not read the article

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The sulfuric acid atmosphere thing is interesting and that BBC video of science man corroding some peas is stupid. The reason we look for water on exoplanets as potential sources of life is because water is amphoteric, meaning it can act as an acid and a base, which makes it able to do loads of catalysis. That’s important because self-replicating chemical reactions (i.e. the foundations of anything we’d recognise as life) become more accessible because you can do acid catalysis and base catalysis all in the same environment.

Sulfuric acid is also an amphoteric molecule and can behave as an amphoteric solvent system, so actually it’s potentially very helpful for theoretically doing the same acid and base catalysis.

Dissolving up some peas in acid as a demonstration of how nasty sulfuric acid is to “life” is stupid, because our ~18% oxygen atmosphere absolutely fucking obliterates loads and loads of molecules - including phosphine actually, which spontaneously combusts on contact with air - and yet we’ve got life here. Dumb science reporting.


thread got boring