The 100 Club

Well done the true heroes of new DiS (myself included of course, you can add this thread to mine)

Next off the rank will be foppyish.

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Friday stats thread is my stick, you prick

Oh dear:

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I’ve only done 3. 2 of those were yesterday. Think I need to up my game.

I must have created more topics than those chumps. Mine would have been better, more inspiring topics anyway.

barely 1 per 10 days. I am the epitome of self-control

I rate you DiS foot soldier, three topics above serf

About time some of you lot stepped up to the fucking plate frankly, this is a very, very poor amount of 100+ thread creators considering the size and activity of the community here, a lot of you lot are frankly no better than fraud benefit claimers.

i know jordo makes a lot of threads but never would have put him in the top 3

Or parasites.



check out the top10 readers

you could work out who the most self absorbed disser is by doing post made / posts read and seeing who comes out worst

I don’t think you can put colons or commas in URLs but that is exactly what I was getting at mate!

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I count six

I suppose it is I that is the reader!!!

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No I think that is a search function that people would use in google on the old site. @TheWza please advise.

I am become meths, destroyer of words

Hmmm I may have to log out and read incognito as I don’t want to be on that list. Two browsers: one for reading, one for posting - one to rule them all*

*that’s for you Theo

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Why don’t you start this thread ‘When did you last touch a pipette or burette?’

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